Our business practices are based on honesty and fair dealings with our clients, architects, subcontractors, suppliers and laborers alike.  We continue to study new procedures, materials, and products and proactively research innovative ideas.

Garden design is the base of any exceptional landscape.  We make your dreams come true with the use of color, plant combinations, wildlife and seasonal optimizations.

All of the landscaping plans designed by Los Altos Landscape Development are installed by our trained landscape installation crew. The team is responsible for the landscape site preparations, improvement of all planting spaces, soil conditioning, planting, ponds, walls, hardscape, mulching and cleanup. We also install our low voltage lighting designs and the irrigation systems in the garden design.

The outdoors can become an extension of your home with smart hardscaping solutions.  We'll share our best practices for transforming your front or backyard into a go-to destination. 

Sustainability and longevity is our main goal.  With all concrete and masonry projects we insist on building you an enviroment that will last a lifetime.  Using the highest quality materials available, expert craftsmanship, and professional approach we can provide you with an outdoor living space for generations to enjoy.

Planning, designing, and constructing custom pools & fountains requires thoughtful consideration.

Your pool isn't just a place to cool off on a hot summer afternoon, but a focal point and an integral part of the landscape. With this philosophy in place we believe that any concept or idea should be brought to life, linking your pool, patio, decks and gardens into an environment you can truly call home. Your pool can be the biggest expense on your property and deserves the top priority and dedication. It’s not just how good it looks, but how it’s built. We can meet and exceed all of your goals.

Fountains and water features have become a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, whether for the tranquil, peaceful noise that it provides, or for aesthetic purposes. We can make any water feature design a reality while using our experience in green building and water conservation.